My Bobo Lyrics

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My Bobo by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

My Bobo
(Berge always flexin')
f**k it, let's do it
Uh, uh, uh
Now, hold on
Baow, hold on
Look, light that dope Bobo
I'm here with Herm, nigga, yeah
(Say, Hit, this that raw sh*t, yeah)
Baow, baow, man
Yeah, nigga
Look, huh
b**ch, I'm in here with my Bobo

.45 hold thirty, diamonds from my head to toes
Yeah, b**ch, you already know I'm out my f**kin' mind
In the streets we get you b**ch sittin' at the jail
But get you hit, you pussy niggas don't exist, you best respect my mind
You know Herm with that sh*t, he keep a stick to get you hit
I'm right behind, he get back up, watch how I walk him down
Threw that boy a .30, Bobo
I'ma do him cool
Just tell me when you caught that lil' b**ch, I just wan' watch the news
Watch the news, pussy boys got blues, they can't f**k with us
It ain't no clues, tape him by my shoes, ain't no catchin' us (Baow)
I could tell you how I f**ked him up (Baow)
I could tell you how I sprayed the truck (Baow-baow)
I could tell you how that chopper got one drinkin' out a straw
Under that B frontin' your boy, now he owe me one
And I'ma show you somethin'
I catch a opp, OP, I make him bleed, that's how we bomin'
One .223, I catch him bad and kill him front his mama
Bro, can you please tell these people they don't want no f**kin' problems?

Baow-baow, huh, huh
Nigga, look
b**ch, I'm in here with my Bobo
What we on in here? b**ch, we in here on that Paw-Paw
b**ch, yeah huh, huh, look

You niggas pussy and don't want no problems
I keep that chopper at you, I'll pop it, uh-huh
I be thuggin', YoungBoy, I be wildin' (Ooh)
I'm out my body, make me pop you in your noggin, look (Ooh)
sh*t, b**ch, let the Glock choose
It's me or you, whoever die, first one put them tears inside your body eye
North, I know you heard about that side
Pussy boy spin you 'round, you won't make it out

Dump sh*t, b**ch
I'm gangster, nigga
Bobo, you already know I'm out my body
The b**ch don't wanna f**k with us, man
You don't cut up like me
Ol' b**ch, you know—, b**ch, you know who, sh*t that grab the shovel
I'ma show you
I'm fifteen bodies up, tell 'em f**k with us
Nigga, get your head bust, I'm tryna cut you up
Got a knife on top that chopper and it'll slice ya up
Pussy, he don't want no problem, don't wan' do nothin' with us

Baow-baow, b**ch, I be Bobo
Baow-baow, b**ch, I be Bobo
Baow-baow, b**ch, that's my Bobo
And I could tell you how he laid 'bout five down with that pole

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