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Nathan Sykes   Kiss Me Quick Ciara   Baby Get Up
Cl√£   Dr. Pepper Rihanna   Put It Up
R3hab   Baby Get Up Florence and The Machine   As Far As I Could Get
Steve Aoki   Darker Than Blood Isla Grant   Only Yesterday
Ellie Goulding   Love Me Like You Do Snoop Dogg   Peaches N Cream
Pierce The Veil   Just The Way You Are Travis Caudle   Heart & Soul
Falling In Reverse   Guillotine Iv (the Final Chapter) The Moments   I Don't Wanna Go
G Hannelius   Paper Cut Lilly Wood & The Prick And Robin Schulz   Prayer In C
Mo-Rush   Spring Break Frank Wildhorn   The Dream Will Return
Megurine Luka   Story Of Hope Hatsune Miku   This Is The Happiness And Peace Of Mind Committee
Hatsune Miku   This Is The Happiness And Peace Of Mind Committee Charlie Puth   I Won't Tell A Soul
Japanese House   Teeth Sia   Big Girls Cry
On The Spot   Kabobohan King's Church Hastings   A Love So Beautiful
Doug Anthony All Stars   Motorcycle St. Sebatian TheRapStar-Vickye   Meri Kahani
Ada Band   Tinggalkanlah Cinta Krishna Balagita   Wag Ka Lang Mawawala
Nadine Sutherland   Hands And Heart Caramelos De Cianuro   La Casa
Caramelos De Cianuro   Baby Cohete Caramelos De Cianuro   Adios Amor
Caramelos De Cianuro   2 Caras, 2 Corazones Giorgio Moroder   Deja Vu
Garbage   The Chemicals Infinite   Dilemma
Infinite   Diamond August Alsina   Right There (Remix)
The F-Ups   Lazy Generation Bring Me The Horizon   Join The Club
For All Those Sleeping   It's Not Love (If It Doesn't Hurt) Kirstie Lovelady   Whiskey Don't Leave
Kirstie Lovelady   Simple Livin' Kirstie Lovelady   Meet Jesus
Kirstie Lovelady   Devil On Both Shoulders Kirstie Lovelady   Cry Wolf
Three Days Grace   The End Is Not The Answer Three Days Grace   Tell Me Why
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