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Chris Brown   Love Me No More Ky Baldwin   You Make Me Wanna Dance
Lennon Stella   I Can't Sleep Tonight Meghan Trainor   I'll Be Home
Kawayan   Tala Lainey Schooltree   Kickstar
Park Kyung   Getting Over Lies Of Nazca   The Impending World
Pink Mountain   The Kids Are Insane Rama's Whisper   By The River
Mcbusted   What Happened To Your Band Living In Dissonance   New Royalty
Pole Position   Falling Static Major   Coffee In The Morning
Johnny Marr   This Tension M. Pokora   On Danse
Lisa Piccirillo   Tell Her Noxtrain   Wasted
Noxtrain   Sins On A Shelf Noxtrain   These Are My Words
Noxtrain   Regrets Noxtrain   Seven Stones
Noxtrain   Pseudo Joy Noxtrain   Oblivious
Noxtrain   Insanity Defined Noxtrain   Below Your Feet
Last Night's Stand   Shadow In The Dark Last Night's Stand   What To Say
Last Night's Stand   Paper Toys And Burning Bridges Last Night's Stand   Common Word
Last Night's Stand   All That Matters Molitor   Stand For
Molitor   Cash Molitor   Bite Down
Lisseth Ortiz   No Digas Que No Lisseth Ortiz   Te Vas
Lane Gibson Jr   Way Of The Water Klub Des Loosers   S.w.m
Lowell Thompson   One Thing Good Mc Mane   Sua Varten
Sarah Paulson   Criminal Mandy Capristo   Closer
Kathryn Bernardo   You Don't Know Me Shyne   Torn Between You And The Sky
Luis Gomez   I'm Here Paul Austin Kelly   Weird And Wonderful
Paul Austin Kelly   Where Did The Dinosaurs Go? Paul Austin Kelly   We All Need A Room
Paul Austin Kelly   Totally Turkey Free Paul Austin Kelly   Tortoise And The Hare


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