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Son Lux   Lanterns Lit Pastor Julian Littlejohn   Fearless
Brain Tan   Don't Stop Michael Taylor   Apathy
Zeal Bound   Evil Intention Frank Sinatra   Take A Chance
Beast 1333   Numbers Rich Abante   To Rescue A Sinner Like Me
Die Antwoord   Girl I Want 2 Eat U Girl's Day   Something
Natewantstobattle   Mangled CDL Ft. Rakzo   Move Your Body Yo
Cowboy Mouth   So Much The Better Italobrothers   Give Thanks & Praise
P:ano   Dumpsite Sia   Dressed In Black
Sam Smith   Together 50 Cent   Twisted
Paul Stookey   Wedding Song (There Is Love) Mandopony   Balloons
Davey Langit   Bata Romeo Santos   Inocente
1314   Ministry Of Secrets 1314   My New Device
1314   Me New Device Maanam   Habes
Maanam   Bouncy Bird York   Words As Weapons
Thomas A. Dorsey   (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley Johnson Michael   I'll Always Love You
ASAP Rocky   LSD Lycidas Blackhart   The Fix
Lycidas Blackhart   Scared For You Lycidas Blackhart   Lycidas' Thank You
Lycidas Blackhart   Im One Of Those Lycidas Blackhart   I Hate This World
Lycidas Blackhart   Fuck You Lycidas Blackhart   Crawling Back Out
Dorothy Takev   Next To Me Dorothy Takev   Flyn' High
Dorothy Takev   Chapter 3 Dorothy Takev   Chapter 2
Dorothy Takev   Chapter 1 Dorothy Takev   Born Leader
Florence and The Machine   Which Witch Florence and The Machine   Make Up Your Mind
Florence and The Machine   Hiding Joe Lamont   Victims Of Love
Slipknot   The Negative One John Legend My Imagination
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