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To a Wild Rose Lyrics

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To a Wild Rose by Kenny Rankin

To a Wild Rose
[Verse 1]
Heaven's child, growing wild
Luck will style the lady
She is love's baby
Pretty wild rose

Mama should, papa could
No one minds the garden
Time's forgotten
Lovely wild rose

God, please tend to her
She will need her sunshine
Hearts like pearls are pure
They believe in springtime

I want to reach for her
Speak to her, but she's not there

Now she's gone, wandered on
We won't have tomorrow
Who will hide sorrow
From the wild rose

She has played, unafraid
By the true rival reason
Bless her seasons
She's a wild ghost

If I had the chance
I would never change her
In life's clouded eyes
She's the brightest one
That glows
Wild rose
Wild rose.

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