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After the Roses Lyrics

Name Taken - Hold On For Your Dearest Life Lyrics

After the Roses by Kenny Rankin

After the Roses
My heart is yours
My love forever
And if you find it in your heart to love me Baby
You got to love me for your heart

I've been talking to myself alone
About how we've grown apart
But the memories of the times we have known
Will last after the roses have gone

With time comes a change
We change with time
And though the tempo's going a little faster Baby
You know the feeling stays the same

Long ago I nearly lost my mind
From a love to blind to see
If you love just for your heart you will find
It stays after the roses have gone

The world keeps turning
And I grow wiser
You got to go with what your feelings tell you Baby
Only a fool would live a lie

I don't hold to views of make believe
I cannot deceive myself
There's a warmth of deeper love I believe
That comes after the roses have gone

My heart is yours
After the roses
My love forever
It's after the roses

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