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Kill Yourself V Lyrics

Name Taken - Hold On For Your Dearest Life Lyrics

Kill Yourself V by $UICIDEBOY$

Kill Yourself V
They figure me a dead motherf**ker
Oddy Nuff da Snow Leopard in a deep slumber
Hibernatin' for another three summers, slumped in a deep tundra
Still a mean mugger even though my eyes froze shut, uh
Tell 'em keep comin', I'm not done

Gather my foes and then I cut out their tongue
Gather my hoes and then I have 'em meet each other
'Cause they're making me suffer, tryna pick who is the one, uh
Always lookin' down, my head wеighs like one ton
Heavy liеs the crown, lock 'em all up in a dungeon
Should have died like five times now, Ruby's got like nine lives, how?
Live from Mount Sinai
Wiped out my enemies, I might sign out

Isn't it so convincin' how that noose hang 'round my throat?
Still here longer than I hoped, all I know is I don't know
Dreams of me vanishin' in the abyss
Thinkin' Hell gotta be better than this
Music or dope, either way, I don't miss
Solutions like Ruby, they just don't exist
Still wakin' up every day, but I still ask "Why?"
2018, why couldn't I die?
Was it all worth it? I can't decide
Been lookin' everywhere except my insides (Yeah-yeah)
Look into my eyes, you can see what it costs
Lookin' for my day, you can see that I'm lost
But heavy is the crown, so I cede to the cross

Is this over-is this over yet?
Dreams of me vanishin' in the abyssThinkin' Hell gotta be better than this

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