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  1. The Waiter
  2. Ordinary Heaven
  3. We're Gonna Know Each Other Forever
  4. Call Me After Midnight
  5. Hey Joe
  6. Self Respect
  7. Woke Up Today
  8. Isimo
  9. Tiny Moves
  10. Alma Mater
  11. Me Before You
  12. Jesus Is Dead
  13. Modern Girl
  14. I Am Right On Time
  15. What'd I Do With All This Faith?
  16. Strange Behavior
  17. 45
  18. Don't Go Dark
  19. Stop Making This Hurt
  20. Secret Life
  21. Big Life
  22. How Dare You Want More
  23. Chinatown
  24. 91
  25. Stop Making This Hurt
  26. 45
  27. I Wanna Get Better
  28. Like A River Runs
  29. Don’t Take The Money
  30. Everybody Lost Somebody
  31. I Miss Those Days
  32. Rollercoaster
  33. chinatown

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