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Stay with me Lyrics

Alexander Klaws - Stay with me Lyrics

Stay with me by Alexander Klaws

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Stay with me
Hi girl!
Love is not the game for me
Can't you see
Baby you're the for me...
Cause you don't know my heart
Can't you feel baby you're my destiny
Cause you don't know my love
If I give you everythin
There's a place for ma and you
Oh babe we're more, we more than two

Oh daring: stay with me
I'll promise all my heart to (heart you gone)
Oh darling, can't you see
What a real love can do? Oh baby, baby
Stay with me
And maybe it's forever girl (forever girl)
Just close your eyes for me
I'll show you a better world

I miss you so baby give me one more try
Cause you're the love of my life
Can't let you go baby I believe I'll fly
Cause our love will survive
You are like a kiss, from a rose
There's a way for us to go
And our love will grow

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Album: Take Your Chance (2003) Lyrics
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  13. Maniac
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  15. If i can't have you tonight

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