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Eddie thomas' rap Lyrics

That'S So Raven - Eddie thomas' rap Lyrics

Eddie thomas' rap by That'S So Raven

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Eddie thomas' rap
I was thinkin bout u baby gurl
Just the other day in history class
Thinkin of u missin me and i can't
Think of nuttin sweet angel
Becuse im luv sick i got hole
In my heart and its burning like a wick,
I try to focus on learning but then
My mind ends up turning,
I can't focus gurl cuz my soul
Is yearning but any way,
Imma go head and skip to the main part,
Help keep me on the right path
That leads to your heart, Done.
(Andraea over phone)
Oh i loved that, that was so..
O hey daddy eddie was just....
(phone hangs up)

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