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I remember Lyrics

Jacksoul - I remember Lyrics

I remember by Jacksoul

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I remember
Our song used to be my lullaby
Now it's just a tune from days gone by
Now it only haunts me in my sleep
And I soak my pillow when I weep
I drop my tears
I drop my tears.

I remember when we danced
Then world fell away but my heart held to you.
I remember when we fell in love
I close my eyes. I can still believe you're here.
I remember when you left.
I cried as I prayed I would soon forget you.
I never will. I never will.

With loneliness, I wonder 'round in shame
As memories of you run down like rain.
Asleep at night I still call out your name.
As the storm clouds beat a cold refrain
Against my window pane.


I know that life is simpler now
But is it even worthwhile?
I said was it all worth it, baby?

I know that he's the safer bet
But I'm the best you had yet.
There ain't no denying
I ain't even tryin' to get over my baby
No, no, no....

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