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My Sweet Shadow (correct Version) Lyrics

In Flames - My Sweet Shadow (correct Version) Lyrics

My Sweet Shadow (correct Version) by In Flames

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My Sweet Shadow (correct Version)
I'm selling heavenly sketches
A wormhole out of my mind
Ready to explode in purity
To fill the holes inside

An ever moving stream
With glowing rays of light
Emotions tied to past lies
And I know, I should let go

Tamed with confidence of a brighter future

I found a flame in the burnt out ashes... burn out, burn out

These new shores burn
Dark past lies cold
Shadow, my sweet shadow
To you I look no more

Another dawn collapses
Do I need to be reminded?
A glimpse of my safe home
A path to hide all anger

In circles I catch
A torch carried by the immortal
From depths that I created
In vain echoes fade

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