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In search for i Lyrics

In Flames - In search for i Lyrics

In search for i by In Flames

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In search for i
It hurts to think
Can't get the sums together
Would you draw my bitterness
Make the pictures fade

Could it be that I see
What's beneath when we fall
The truth in ever
I'm scared that I'll be

The sentence is light
But my eyes see a different world
And all I do is turn into flames

Will time open my vault
New solution, I'm begging
Break the fuse that holds me back

This I is lost in me
But I'm ready to give you
The m, it might even be the e
As I begin to search for I

Distract, push me in another direction
This wall that I stare into
It's getting old
Give me faith to reach for the new
Pull me apart and do me all over
I'll need a re-make
To make up for my mistakes

What if I stop care?
What if I let you fall?

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