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Drenched In Fear Lyrics

In Flames - Drenched In Fear Lyrics

Drenched In Fear by In Flames

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Drenched In Fear
You won't
Find a friendly face in the crowd,
It's quite amusing to see how you suffer

I refuse, to let you steal my delight,
Barely awake - but it strengthens my night rage
I've seen you kill many dreams,
But I got brand new armour,
And your weapons are way out of reach

How does it feel to be demolished,
Vaporized into thin air?
Strange new feeling to be nothing.

All the words I hear... they don't mean a thing [x2]
All drenched in fear,
And the hate you bring

Make me bother, I dare you,
I've got the strength I need,
But I'll await my darkest moment,
When the guilt doesn't get to me.

[Chorus x2]

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